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The Sheet-Based Calculator

Ever pulled out the calculator from the menu to do some quick calculations and then find that you needed to refer back to earlier calculations? The normal calculator utility display is small and only lets you see the latest number calculated. At this point, you might have to start up a spreadsheet and redo your calculations. But doing quick serial calculations one after another in a spreadsheet can be awkward and needlessly complicated. Furthermore, you cannot see the formulæ used. It is sort of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: one is too hot, and the other is too cold -- neither are "just right".

The Sheet-Based Calculator provides a "just right" solution. It allows you to enter normal mathematical expressions in a word-processor-like environment, but then to execute them as well. Its algorithm is implemented by using compiler concepts and parser grammar rules. It can be used in most operating systems because it is written in Java.

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