Engineering Maths  
EMT1016 Engineering Mathematics I 3
EMT1026 Engineering Mathematics II 3
EMT2036 Engineering Mathematics III 3
EMT2046 Engineering Mathematics IV 3
EMT2066 Industrial Mathematics 3
EMT3066 Random Signal and Network Analysis 3
  Circuit System  
EEL1166 Circuit Theory 3
EEL1176 Field Theory 3
EEL2186 Circuits and Signals 3
EEE1016 Electronics I 3
EEE1026 Electronics II 3
EEE1036 Digital Logic Design 3
EEE1046 Electronics III 3
EEE2056 Physical Electronics 3
EEE2146 Microelectronics Circuit Analysis & Design 3
EEE3076 Power Electronics 3
EEE3096 Communications Electronics 3
EEE3106 Processing and Fabrication Technology 3
EEE3156 Digital System 3
EEE3196 Integrated VLSI Systems 3
EEE4166 Digital Integrated Circuits 3
EEE4176 Analog Integrated Circuits 3
EEE4186 VLSI System Design & Modeling Technique 3
ECE1016 Computer and Program Design 3
ECE1026 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
ECE2046 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
ECE2056 Data Communications and Networking 3
ECE2066 Operating Systems 3
ECE2216 Microcontroller and Microprocessor Systems 3
ECE3056 Data Science with Python Programming 3
ECE3066 Artificial Intelligence Systems and Applications 3
ECE3076 Database Systems 3
ECE3086 Multimedia Technology and Applications 3
ECE3096 Compiler Construction 3
ECE3136 Java Technology 3
ECE3156 Software Engineering 3
ECE3166 Advanced Microprocessors 3
ECE3186 Embedded Iot System and Application 3
ECE3206 Object Oriented Programming with C++ 3
ECE3226 Advanced Computer Architecture & Parallel Computing 3
ECE3256 CyberSecurity 3
ECE3296 Digital Image and Video Processing 3
ECE3306 Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality 3
ECE3336 Mobile Application Development 3
ECE4116 Digital Computer Design 3
ECE4236 Parallel Processing & Programming 3
ECE4246 Advanced Object-Oriented Design with Java 3
ECE4346 Distributed Information Systems 3
ETN2016 Analog Communications 3
ETN2046 Fundamental of Wireless Communications 3
ETN2126 Information Theory and Error Coding 3
ETN3046 Analog and Digital Communications 3
ETN3056 Communications Networks 3
ETN3096 Digital Signal Processing 3
ETN3136 Digital Communications 3
ETN4106 Optoelectronics and Optical Communications 3
ETN4116 Advanced Networking Techniques 3
ETN4206 Satellite Communications 3
  Power, Machine and Control  
EEL1196 Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques 3
EEL1206 Introduction to Machines and Power Systems 3
EEL2216 Control Theory 3
EEL4236 Robotics and Automation 3
EMF2016 Electromagnetics Theory 3
EMF3046 RF Measurement Techniques 3
EMF3066 Antenna and Propagation 3
EMF4066 RF Circuit Design 3
EMF4076 Electromagnetic Interference 3
EMF4086 RF Transistor Circuit Design 3
EMF4096 Radar Systems Design and Analysis 3
EEL1016 Energy Conversion I 3
EEL2026 Power Transmission and Distribution 3
EEL2046 Energy Conversion II 3
EEL2066 Electrical Engineering Materials 3
EEL3036 Power System Analysis 3
EEL3086 Switchgear and Protection 3
EEL3136 Electrical Drives 3
EEL3146 Electric Power Utilization and Installation 3
EEL3156 Renewable Energy Technology 3
EEL4106 High Voltage Engineering 3
EEL4116 Power Stations 3
EEL4126 Power System Operation and Control 3
EOP2016 Fundamentals of Optics 3
EOP3026 Optoelectronics Devices 3
EOP3036 Fabrication and Packaging Technology 3
EOP3046 Optical Waveguide and Devices 3
EOP3056 Optical Metrology and Testing 3
EOP4066 Optical Communication Systems 3
EOP4076 Laser Technology and Applications 3
EOP4086 Optical Signal Processing 3
EOP4096 Solid State Lighting 3
EOP4106 Photovoltaic Devices and Systems 3
ENT2016 Solid State Electronics 3
ENT3036 Semiconductor Devices 3
ENT3056 Advanced Fabrication Technology 3
ENT3076 Nano-Science 3
ENT4046 N/MEMs 3
ENT4066 Nanoelectronics Materials and Devices 3
ENT4086 Diagnostic Technology 3
  Project and Industrial Training  
EPE3016 Capstone Project 3
EPE3026 Industrial Training 5
EPE4036 Project 8
  Humanity (FOE)  
EES3016 Engineer and Society 3
EES3036 Project Management 1
  Humanity (LiFE & FOM)  
CO-Q Co-Curriculum 2
MPU(U4) Co-Curriculum 2
BEN2010 Introduction to Cyberpreneurship 1
BHM2046 Basic Economics, Accounting and Management 3
BHM3086 Law for Engineers 3
MPU3113 Hubungan Etnik 3
MPU3123 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia 3
MPU3143 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 3
MPU3173 Pengajian Malaysia 3 3
MPU3201 Bahasa Kebangsaan A 3
MPU3202 French for Beginners 3
MPU3204 Spanish for Beginners 3
MPU3205 Chinese for Beginners 3
MPU3206 Japanese for Beginners 3
MPU3207 Korean for Beginners 3
MPU3213 Entrepreneurship in Cross Border E-Commerce 3
MPU3323 Introduction to Multicultural Studies in Malaysia 3
MPU3353 Introduction to Malaysian Economy 3
PWC1010 Workplace Communication 3

Notes: The MPU code for co-curriculum is for new intake students (June 2013 onwards).