FYP Report Guidelines

Language of report

Report must be written in consistent style of English.

Typeface and Font Size

Times New Roman typeface should be used throughout the report. Boldface and italics should only be used sparingly for emphasis.

Font size
Chapter heading, subheading, sub-subheading12 and bold
Figure/Table caption10 and bold
Body text12
Appendix body text10

For illustration, please refer to the FYP Report Template.

Paper and Printing

High quality 80g A4 size paper shall be used. The paper should be white in colour, acid free and 'non-erasable? For printing, a laser or other high quality printer is recommended.


Re-print the corrected pages. Correction fluid shall not be used.


The page margins must measure according to the following specifications:

Top:20 mm
Bottom:40 mm
Left:40 mm
Right:25 mm

Spacing and Alignment

Text should be typed on single side of the paper with 1.5 lines spacing and left-right justified.


Page numbers are to be placed 15 mm from the edge of the page at the bottom centre of the page. Every page must be numbered. Preliminary pages before Chapter 1 are to be numbered in lower case Roman numerals, i.e. i, ii, iii, etc. The Title page is numbered 'i' but not printed. The main text from Chapter 1 onwards are to be numbered in Arabic numerals, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.

For illustration, please refer to the FYP Report Template.

Illustration Material

Illustration materials such as photographs, microfiche and diagrams shall be printed on the A4 paper (do not paste with adhesive).

Usage of colour

Colour should only be used sparingly to constrast differences in complex figures. For graphs, where possible, use different line styles and markers, instead of colours, to differentiate the lines. Colour figures shall be printed in colour.


A report normally has three sections: (i) the preliminary pages or the front matter, (ii) the main text or the body matter, and (iii) the reference materials or back matter.

  1. The preliminary pages should include the following sections in order:
  2. The main text should be 50 to 100 pages. It is normally divided into these chapters* in order:
      Chapter 1: Introduction
      Chapter 2: Theoretical Background or Review of Literature
      Chapter 3: Method of Investigation or Details of the Design
      Chapter 4: Presentation of Data
      Chapter 5: Discussions on Findings
      Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations
      * This may vary depending on the nature of your project. Please discuss with your supervisor.
  3. The reference materials usually consist of:

For further details, please refer to the FYP Report Template.


Citation is required for statement which expresses a fact that goes beyond the common knowledge. Every reference cited in the report must be included in the list of references and numbered in the order it is cited.

Please use IEEE reference style (Section IV-D).