“MMU's open academic atmosphere and its latest telecommunication core and elective courses that are delivered by its excellent academic staff has equipped me with the relevant knowledge, exposures and working attitude to succeed in this highly competitive and fast-paced telecommunication industry.
I remember fondly the fiercely "no-spoon feeding" mentality of the lecturers and their constant pushing of the students to be independent and inquisitive. They have made a lasting impression on me and had since driven me to push for higher excellence in my professional life. Employers that I have dealt with have commended highly on MMU graduates' good working attitude and "never say impossible" mentality.”

Tan Chin Aik
Solutions Manager, Huawei Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2001.

“MMU has excellent academic staff and state-of-art infrastructure to support students who aspire to succeed. The supervisor for my final year project was helpful and skillful, and the project prepared me well for the industry. During my study, I participated in the National Semiconductor contest, and it gave me the opportunity to be creative, innovative and strike through to win the competition. Besides, the rich campus activities help cultivate the proactiveness of students and the sense of accountability when running projects. I find that the multi racial/nation campus environment helps us to prepare to work in a multinational corporation. Furthermore, the medium of instruction in English helps improve our communication and interpersonnal skill in the industry.
After graduating from MMU in 2001, I joined Maxis Communications Bhd as an Engineer, then Ericsson Malaysia in 2006 as Solutions Manager. Currently I am taking care of Network Evolution Strategy for operators, and also as a consultant for Radio
Access Network technology in the company.”

Ng Thiaw Seng
Subject Matter Expert 3G & LTE (South Asia Pacific), Ericsson Malaysia.
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2001

“With top class academic staff and courses, MMU is, no doubt, a factory of professionals. This professional factory unlimitedly produces knowledgeable man power to Malaysia for achieving developed country status. On top of that, the unique learning environment and excellent infrastructure are definitely one of the ultimate factors to excel as a leading university in Malaysia. Sitting on top of Cyberjaya town, it brings up the economy of Cyberjaya and the surrounding township. I'm proud of being the MMU-ian.”

Tan Yee Chieh
Samsung, Malaysia.
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2001

“MMU is a university that is equipped with excellent teaching staff and
latest technologies. Most of the subjects taught in MMU are current and
state-of-the art. Therefore, I have a strong foundation when I started my
career. Furthermore, I have been exposed to multi-cultural and
multi-national environments. This gives me an advantage in my career and
in my postgraduate studies.”

B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2002

“MMU has excellent academic staff and state-of-art infrastructure to support students who aspire to succeed. The breadth of professional courses offered, industrial partnership with local and multinational companies, the exciting diversity of students from different cultures and nationalities create extraordinary uniqueness to groom students with relevant knowledge and exposures. These are important pillars which enable me to contribute effectively in my professional career with companies like Shell, AT&T and Deloitte Consulting.”

Edmond Tan
Manager, Management Consulting, KPMG China
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2004

“No one tells you just how vast the opportunities are available to you as
an MMU engineering graduate. Not just in terms of companies that are dying
to hire you, but literally the world. Many of my colleagues hold lucrative
positions in esteemed companies and are all over the US, Europe and even
the Middle East.
MMU has been an excellent training and development ground for aspiring
professionals with its extensive links to the industry and its emphasis on
real world applications of knowledge. The lecturers are dedicated and
highly skilled in their respective fields. The environment is highly
conducive to studies while new ideas and research are openly welcomed.
As for myself, I am proud to be able to contribute professionally to the
regional marketing of a French power plant company and am now an
entrepreneur operating an ICT company in Cyberjaya. Having a discipline in
engineering from MMU, one is trained to think unconventionally and embrace
change. Whatever the future holds, knowing where I came from; I'm looking
forward with great expectations.”

John Hong
Southpaw Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2007

“The quality of education offered by Multimedia University (MMU) is top-notch and technology-driven. MMU provides plenty of study materials and access to published journals that are accessible to the convenience of their students, not forgetting the experienced lecturers who are passionate in improving the quality of lectures and tutorials. The dynamic environment of this university cultivates their students to enhance their capabilities in all aspects which moulds aspiring leaders in the future.
My bachelors have helped me greatly in obtaining my first job in the telecommunications industry as it comes as no surprise that MMU graduates are highly preferred due to the industry-based course structure. For instance, I was involved in the first 3G network roll-out of a particular operator in Malaysia and the research that I have done on 4G technology has given me the advantage of understanding the practical aspects of LTE (Long Term Evolution) that are applicable to my current workforce. This has improved the efficiency in providing feasible solutions to clients which ensures the high performance of project delivery for Malaysia's telecommunication network."

Chong Sher Yee
Network Performance Engineer, Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd.
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2008

“I'm really proud to be an MMU student. It gives high exposure of the way of life and prepared students with world class mentality in order to compete in the globalization era. Now I feel that I'm really well prepared and equipped with guidance and knowledge given by professional lecturers to serve as a professional engineer in a top telecommunication company in Malaysia.”

Mohd Shahrizan Bin Yusof
TM, Malaysia.
B.Eng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2010

“I would gladly say that MMU has always given me the best of everything. Be it the enthusiastic atmosphere of learning and socializing of multinationals and talented academicians or the thrilling adventures that I had through various societies, everything has become a pearl in the crown that MMU presented to me to be an ambitious professional. I am indeed thankful for my supervisors and the MMU management for planting the seed of enthusiasm, deep within me, to always yearn for the highest academic qualifications such as PhD, one day in my life.”

A. Jerome Antonyraj
Network Engineer, Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics(Hons) majoring in Telecommunication,
Class of 2011

“MMU offers internationally-accredited academic programmes with excellent teaching staff and world-class facilities, providing quality education for its students. Apart from the normal learning process, MMU students also have ample opportunities to participate in cross-national research activities, conferences and competitions, exposing them to the latest information and technologies. Besides that, the collaboration between MMU and industry ensures students are equipped with not only academic credentials that meet industry requirements, but also skills that make them competent and competitive at work. Throughout my years in MMU, I have been able to develop my potentials with the help and guidance of my lecturers. I have benefited greatly from studying in MMU and this lays a solid foundation to my current career in telecommunications field.”

Choo Yu Ying
Design Engineer, Altera Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
B.Degree (Hons) Electronics Engineering majoring in Telecommunications,
Class of 2011