"Getting a degree aint about getting a piece of paper to show the world. It is about the experiences, the knowledge and the skills gained throughout the years spent. I am blessed to have the supports and the guidance showered on me during the 4 years nanotechnology degree program in the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University (MMU). From mili to micron, I understand about electronics circuit. From micron to nano, they taught me about electron bonding. We are now to make things happen.MMU is a place where endless opportunities of great exposure, noble peoples from around the world so this has made me a humble engineer."

Wong Keng Soon
Product Engineer
Pepperl+Fuchs Group, Singapore
Graduation Year: 2010

"Nanotechnology is a window of how exciting the future of engineering will be and MMU certainly prepare myself to be the PermataDunia."

Julian Gan Han Jiang
Sales Engineer
Sime Darby Energy & Utilities
Graduation Year: 2011

"I have never regretted a single bit for choosing Nanotechnology as my major, probably one of the best decision I have made in my life. I still vividly remember the joy of achieving our very first mini-project; looking at the bottles of chemicals glowing under ultraviolet light, we know that these quantum dots will be the future of display devices. Some may finds that the subjects offered are quite tough, but along the way, you will find it interesting as it draws you nearer to the bigger picture. What excited me the most is the joy and sense of achievement when I work on a cutting-edge technology and it reveals how our future would look like, eg. spintronic devices, paper-like solar panel, quantum dots display and etc."

Wai Yin Ling
Design Engineer for Microservers and SoC Chips
Intel Architecture Group
Intel Penang
Graduation Year: 2011.

"This is my second job. My first job is much related to Nanotechnology. I was a Product Engineer (PE) in Fuji Electric Semiconductor, a wafer manufacturer. That time I had an interview for PE that in-charged of ion implantation. Thanks to MMU and the knowledge that I gain in this 4 years, I could understand and explain well during the interview. I got the job easily though my CGPA may not be good. I think Nanotechnology does play an important role in semiconductor and manufacturing field. Now I am working in a field not directly related to Nanotechnology but the basic and fundamental to think and act like an Engineer is all from what I gained in MMU. Thank you MMU!"

Tan Yee Kean
Product Regulatory Engineer in Agilent Technologies
Graduation Year: 2011

"Exploring and discovering new things will always be my biggest dream. Being part of Nano-Engineering students has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream. Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field of knowledge with never ending discovery. It was fun, interesting and a good learning experience with a little bit challenge as I go deeper in this course. With excellent group of lecturers and tutors, I feel very enthusiastic to learn more. It was exciting to know that how this ‘little technology’ will have a big impact in the future. Believe it or not, Nanotechnology will change our future. How would you like to be a part of it?"

TM Scholars
Product Marketing Hotspot
Graduation Year: 2011

"MMU provided ample opportunities for me to widen my exposure towards latest technology and gain experience/knowledge throughout the course of study. A great place with great memories created. Shine!"

Chan Xuan Hao
Post-graduate student
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
Graduation Year: 2011