"When MMU start up during 1997, its leading edge computer lab/campus and open environment does cultivate a lot of student including myself to excel in different area, be it engineering, finance, startup business, etc.

I benefit a lot from what I have learned from MMU, especially in my final year project and my involvement in National Semiconductor Competition, where I have chance to apply the theory and technical knowledge that I have learned in my studied and apply them into real practical usage. The debug methodology and project management skills that I learned during project development still benefit me even in today work environment.

My current job is Platform Validation lead in AMD Shanghai. Main job function is to lead the validation team to provide thorough validation for AMD APU (Accelerated Processing Units) platform and ensure a stable and high quality AMD system launched time to market. "

Mr. Yong Yean Sun
B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics in 1999
Book Award 1st Convocation 2000
Platform Validation lead in AMD Shanghai

"“Throughout the years at Faculty of Engineering MMU, apart from chasing academic excellence, students are inspired to become people who can bring a better life to this world. It changed my perspective of this profession – we are not merely engineers who get things done as instructed, but we can also be the leaders who will create a better quality of life for our future generations. I am very proud to be an FOE Alumnus!” "

Mr. Ng Chin Leng
B.Eng (Hon) Electronics in 2003
Hard IP Design Manager
Intel Architecture Group- Malaysia

"I am now a PhD candidate in the Integrated Power Electronics Laboratory, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, one of the leading higher institutions in Asia. Based on the experience and qualification I received from MMU, I am privileged to be awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship by the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong. The scholarship allows me to further study in this expensive city, without financial worries.

The EE course syllabus in MMU is reasonably designed according to industrial need and constantly revised. Unlike EE course in other local institutions, EE course in MMU includes many programming subjects which are instrumental to modern electronics. Final year subjects are crafted based on the latest know-how required by the industry. For example, industrial standard IC design CAD tools are used in the teaching so that student can get prior hands-on experience, to prepare themselves for their upcoming working life.

The English language environment in MMU is excellent as the student body is greatly diversified. MMU provides the right cultural setting for students to polish their intercultural communication skills. Such ability is getting more and more sought after as the world becomes ever globalized. "

Mr. Teh Ying Khai
B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics in 2005
PhD candidate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship sponsored by the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong

"I am currently studying M.Phil in Electronics and Computing Engineering in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), one of the top Universities in Asia. Many of my peers are surprised as I graduated from Multimedia University (MMU), a private university so young without long and prestigious history. Yet, I would argue, being young is actually one of MMU biggest advantages. MMU electronics course has been designed to provide strong fundamentals and always being updated to keep up with the industry. For instance, parallel processing course has been introduced when the multi-core processor has just started became the trend in the market during my degree years. When I worked in Intel Penang Design Center and now studying in HKUST, I cannot help but appreciate the design of the course as it has given me a great starting point before working on the latest processor or the cutting edge research. I could not be the same person as I am now if I have not chosen MMU for my undergraduate study and I would never regret my decision. "

Mr. Teh Ying Fei
B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics in 2009
M.Phil candidate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"I graduated from MMU Cyberjaya in June 2011. I was awarded with a first class honors in Electronics Engineering. Strategically located at the heart of the developing Cyberjaya, MMU fits into the profile of the city of intelligence. Far from busy street and the fast paced city, the serene environment provides absolute concentration required for both academic excellence and character development.

Being a first class university, MMU is equipped with sufficient facilities that yield potential positive outcomes. In collaboration with big industry players, the university provides an excellent platform for career exposure. Dedicated staffs are ready to coach students whenever needed most.

My final year project, in conjunction with Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2011, was chosen as one of the three champions. This success was followed by the publication of a journal paper in the 15th WSEAS Int. Conf. on COMPUTERS (July 15-17, 2011). I am glad that my effort is recognised and even shortlisted in the MsC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2011 as the Best of Tertiary Student Project in Creative Multimedia. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors for their commendable support and encouragement for the completion of my project with perfection.

Being in MMU is not about securing a certificate, is about modeling yourself to blend into the ever fast-paced evolution of knowledge. I highly recommend MMU as the place to complete your tertiary education. You will find that with all those benefits MMU offers, you could effectively accelerate your learning and enjoy your studies there. "

Ms. Lee Sue Han
B.Eng.(Hons) Electronics in 2009
Research student (Master degree)
Sponsored by Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: Mext) Scholarship at Shinshu University