“My years at FOE, MMU were the best years of my study life. I found inspiration in the way that my lecturers explained technical concepts to us, and in how FOE approaches lab-based engineering education. It was at MMU that I discovered the true meaning of what lifelong learning is really about, that learning is not just about getting a scroll, that it does not stop upon graduation. This is why I've committed my life to doing research, to contribute to scientific knowledge. We can truly say that MMU trains students to be of international calibre, capable of excelling worldwide. This is also evident from the frequent news of MMU students being involved in challenging competitions, and the different locations across the world where MMU graduates end up carving their career in. Some people prefer to attach themselves to different universities for each of their consecutive degrees, I chose to do all three of mine at MMU and I would still do so if time reversed itself.”

Dr. Raphael Phan
B.Eng (Hon) Electronics majoring in Computer, 1999
Loughborough University, UK

“I truly appreciate the creativity of the lecturers in delivering engineering concepts in an interactive and interesting way. The many hands-on lab exercises, and various other opportunities to apply what we had learned in real life, made the whole learning experience more practical and fun! In general, I feel FOE graduates are dynamic, analytic and well-prepared for industry challenges.”

Mr. Tan Kuan Eeik
B Eng. (Hons) Electronic Engineering major in Computer, 2001
Program Director, Content Cloud
F-Secure Corporation, Helsinki, Finland

“FOE at MMU is just a great place to learn and grow , not only about engineering knowledge but also in personality, obtaining the right skill-sets to survive in industrial working life. I am truly proud to be an MMU alumnus.”

Tan Huah Yuah
B.Eng (Hon) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2003
Staff design engineer
Intel Architecture Group, Malaysia.

“I graduated back in 2004, yet the memories of studying in Faculty of Engineering MMU remains fresh in my mind. Not only did FOE give me the best student days of my life and many others that I know of, but it helped develop me into who I am today. I have always thought that FOE provided a potent combination of leading state of the art research facilities, brilliant lectures and delivery techniques, and constant exposure to students who strive for excellence, that makes it a superb place, if not the best place, to develop yourself into a world class engineer. I owe them a debt of gratitude for all this and I am proud to be part of the FOE Alumni!”

Mr.Nirmal Singh
B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2004
Senior Network Consultant
Hewlett-Packard, Australia

"My time in FOE, MMU are among the most memorable years of my life. The English medium of instruction enables me to work flawlessly with my peers from all around the world. Over the years in the Penang FTZ, I have met many of my seniors and juniors from FOE/FET. I am proud to let you know that, in my team alone, we have a number of MMU graduates from different years. This means our graduates are doing great in industry. And all of us share the same proud feeling of having graduated from the same university."

Mr. Tan Chun Kiong
B. Eng (Hon) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2006
Product Development Engineer
Intel Architecture Group, Malaysia

“FOE equipped me with hard and soft skills critical to ‘real’ working life. I am not surprised that I got a job offer from Agilent half a year before graduation.”

Chen Zi Qian
B.Eng (Hon) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2006
R&D Software Engineer
Agilent Technologies

“I truly enjoyed my academic experience at the Faculty of Engineering, MMU. The training that I gained throughout my years there allows me to excel in any field of my choice. It gave me the courage to explore different opportunities and be able to face any challenges that comes my way. What I learnt in FOE goes well beyond engineering. That is something you cannot put a price on.”

Ms. Fatin Ruzanna Serinara
B.Eng (Hon) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2007
Software Engineer
F-Secure Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

“FOE is full of potential. Get there, exploit these opportunities, and you have guaranteed your future. FOE teaches its students the way of gaining knowledge and not merely the knowledge itself. This is why FOE graduates are often successful in their later endeavours in life.”

Mohammad Shafieipour
B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2008
PhD Student
University of Manitoba, Canada

“The FOE experience has truly been a rewarding one, on both academic and personal fronts. Not only I have learned a lot of technical and practical knowledge from inspiring lecturers, but the interactions with peers from diverse backgrounds have also widened my perspective and mindset. I can confidently say that FOE has the perfect environment for constant development of key skills and competencies needed in various industries.”

Wee Swee Lin
B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2010
Business Development
Melissachens Sdn, Bhd.

“Studying Engineering is a challenge, and it is followed by another tough task – working in a field few dare to enter. But it is also a privilege -- to be able to do things better, to engineer them to perfection, to share the passion of building the world with other co-workers. FOE, especially with its highly equipped labs, is a place where students passionate enough could explore the possibilities to improve the world. With a little help from well-educated instructors, FOE students can make it all happen. From what I have seen so far in the industry, MMU’s FOE students always stand tall even though the industry offers different experiences, but we have been trained to be flexible.”

Farzan Pouranpir
B.Eng(Hons) Electronics majoring in Computer, 2011
System Engineer
Noxel Asia Sdn Bhd.