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The impact of electricity on society, beginning technologically with the first electric battery created by Volta in 1800, has been vast and permanent. Since then, the electric utility industry has undergone dramatic structural changes.

The electrical energy industry is a mature and well established industry. Electricity is the prime source of energy that supports almost all of our technologies. Electrical power systems have steadily grown to become large-scale, multi-input/multi-output, nonlinear systems distributed over large geographical areas. The evolving global energy environment is more closely connecting the needs of large industrial, commercial, and institutional energy consumers with those of the power utilities and energy service companies that serve them.

The economic and efficient generation, transmission and distribution of electricity is the backbone of any developing nation. The application of ICT powered by efficient energy supply is very much necessary for the economic and social development of the country. In the coming years, renewable energy based technologies will take a greater share of the electricity generation mix in order to minimize the dependence on fossil fuel and the emission of CO2. New dispatching automation systems based on IP technology and high-speed communication networks will be the mainstream of distribution automation systems.


The Centre for Electric Energy and Automation (CEEA) is set up to focus on research and development in the areas of electric energy and automation and their applications for the benefits of humanities in general and manufacturing industries in particular.




To be the premier research and innovation centre for electric energy management and automation.







1.       To produce competent and world-class researchers, technologists and engineers in power and energy related fields.

2.       To promote collaborative research efforts among foreign/local research institutions and MMU.

3.       To design and develop software and hardware required to generate and transmit quality power.

4.       To provide consultancy, training and expert services to regional, national, and international power related agencies and industries.

5.       To provide an information hub for the Electric Energy and Automation



1.       To provide a channel for faculty collaboration with the electrical energy related industries.

2.       To assist the faculty in training undergraduate and graduate students in power areas.

3.       To coordinate research projects conducted by the faculty members.

4.       To provide opportunities for new ideas to emerge and prosper.

5.       To source for potential research projects and consultancy works for the faculty.

6.       To provide research opportunities and to expose new technology to the students.



1.       To be a centre for cross discipline research in the University.

2.       To promote the name of the University in the international arena through projects and publications.

3.       To uplift the image of the University as the leading research Institute in the area of electric energy and automation.

4.       To spearhead research and development activities in specific energy related areas that will bring income to the University.




1.       To provide research collaboration to companies in MSC in the areas of electric energy and automation

2.       To make MSC known to the research communities of Power Engineering

3.       To provide advanced training in the area of power systems and automation to engineers and technologist in the MSC related companies




1.     To assist the relevant ministries and agencies to provide quality power to the nation.

2.     To undertake research activities in Electric Energy related areas as specified in the prioritized research fields of IRPA.

3.     To make Malaysia internationally well known through the advanced research and developmental activities of the centre.

4.     To receive/provide technology transfer in the field of Energy Systems from/to other nations.

5.     To educate the general public of Malaysia about the importance of providing cost effective quality electric power to all.

6.     To provide fast and reliable sources of data on Malaysia’s Energy/Power demand and supply for education and analysis.



1.     To create a world class R&D centre in the area of Electric Energy and Automation.

2.     To promote international collaboration in the areas of Electric Energy and Automation

3.     To exchange intellectual ideas and technical know-how with global research and development organizations.

4.     To receive/deliver technology transfer in the field of Power and Energy System from/to other countries.

5.     To serve as a resource centre for Electric Energy and Automation.