Note: Updated on 21/1/2019.


Location: AR4023

Equipment Facilities in NTT Research Lab
Facilities in the NTT Research Lab are mainly used for photonics and 3D video research. Some of the major equipment available is as follows:

Fiber Taper Rig

Capable of tapering optical fibers down to 1µm diameter and up to 1m length.

Microstructured Polymer Fiber Draw Tower (under construction)

To be used to draw microstructured polymer fiber.

Tunable laser source

Wavelength tuning in C- and L- Band.

All Band Component Tester

Can be used to characterize passive optical components.

Electrical Spectrum Analyzer

Capable of measuring within frequency range of 9 kHz 21.2 GHz.

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Capable of measuring within wavelength range of 600 nm 1700 nm.

Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier and Tunable Optical Filter

C-Band EDFA and wavelength and bandwidth tunable optical filter.

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