Background of NMES Learning Centre

The Networked Multimedia Education System (NMES) Learning Centre is initiated from a collaborative project between the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia (MECM) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the aim of setting up a satellite-based tele-education infrastructure and applications in Malaysia, focusing on IT and multimedia training and education. JICA has provided a grant of RM15 million in the form of equipment for the project as well as expertise in the project area.

The system has been operational since September 2002. Once the project is fully operational and is successful, there are plans to embark on strategic alliances with several regional universities in the near future.

This is a government-to-government project whereby the Japanese government will provide the expertise and the infrastructure for the project while the Malaysian government will provide the location and the infrastructure in Malaysia to ensure the success of this project.

Lecturers will be transmitted via the hub site located at Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, Selangor to 5 remote sites located at:

(a) Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), Penang

(b) Multimedia University, Malacca Campus

(c) Institut Latihan Perindustrian Kuantan (ILP), Pahang

(d) Telekom Training College, Sabah (TTC)

(e) University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Sarawak

The proposed courses to be run in this project in the initial stage are as follows:

(a) Diploma in Telecommunication

(b) Diploma in Information Technology

(c) Bachelor in Information Technology

(d) Masters of Engineering in Telecommunication

(e) Masters in Information Technology

(d) Masters of Engineering in Micro Electronics

The teaching method is based on an interative communication method whereby students at any remote site may raise a question to the lecturer at the hub site and the feedback from the lecturer (hub site) can be transmitted back to the students at the remote sites. Questions and feedback are all in the form of audio as well as visual. It is similar to attending a real time class where students may interrupt the lecturer at any point of time to clarify any uncertainties.

This is a pilot project whereby only certain selected course from a programme will be conducted. The whole Diploma / Degree / Masters programme will not be via this project.

The coordinating body of this project is the Multimedia Cooperation Centre (MMCC) located at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. MMCC has the following activities:

(a) Develop multimedia teaching materials for effective tele-education courses;

(b) Educate technical staff for transmission facilities and equipment maintenance;

(c) Upon operation of tele-education courses, conduct periodical surveys on students taking the classes;

(d) Study possibilities on tele-education coursed being delivered from remote sites; and

(e) Create a collaborative relationship amongst persons / officers / teaching staff in MMU, remote sites and also the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia.

MMCC will ensure the smooth operation of this project by providing administrative support as well as maintaining the necessary manuals and documented procedures for the project.

Lab Staff

Lab Engineer: Jeganathan a/l Krishnasamy

Lab Technician (Cyberjaya): Mohd. Nashrul Aswaad bin Sabri

Lab Technician (Melaka): Mohamad Norzie bin Nayan

Lab Booking Procedures

Lab reservations for presentations, meetings, seminars or talks can be made by contacting the Lab Engineer - Mr. Jeganathan via telephone (03-8312 5299) or email (

First Floor Meeting Room

Third Floor Meeting Room

Room Booking Procedures

Room reservations for presentations, meetings, seminars or talks can be made by contacting the faculty secretary -
Ms. Mahaniza via telephone (03-8312 5179) or email (mahaniza.jaafar[at]