My warmest welcome to you to the Faculty of Engineering (FOE), MMU. Engineers are the driving force in solving complex engineering problems and inventing cutting-edge solutions for the betterment of mankind. As an educational institution, we offer a wide range of degrees and programmes focused on advanced technologies, engineering innovation, and specialization. Graduates are equipped with strong analytical skills, creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership to fuel the economic and technical development of Malaysia, and the world at large. Through our broad-based engineering programmes, the faculty is committed to provide quality education to prepare graduates with solid fundamental knowledge as well as the essential practical skills via hand-on experiments, engineering design and comprehensive research modules. Our ultimate aim is to produce future graduates who are well-equipped with solid technical competency along with commercial excellence and entrepreneurial quality.

All our BEng programmes are fully accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) of Malaysia. As Malaysia is one of the signatories of Washington Accord, an agreement between the bodies responsible for accrediting professional engineering degree programs in each of the signatory countries, the BEng degrees obtained at FOE are well-recognized globally.

To all local and international students, the