The following are some of the past, current, and upcoming activities of the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University. Should there be anything that you feel ought to be included in this chronicle, please feel free to send the information to the administrator, Ms. Wong Hwee Ling (hlwong [AT]

Virtual Taiwan Job Fair 2020

Virtual Taiwan Job Fair 2020 is open to students and job seekers from all areas (business, finance, engineering, computing, design, etc.) . Grab this opportunity to broaden your perspective about your career options. 

Click HERE for more information about the jobs.

Past events:

Register / upload your CV HERE. Event link will be sent via email to those who registered. If you did not get the link or have access issue, please contact Those with access to event link have the chance to interact with the presenters.

To those who did not register but would like to listen-in, please join our YouTube LIVE STREAM at