The following are some of the past, current, and upcoming activities of the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University. Should there be anything that you feel ought to be included in this chronicle, please feel free to send the information to the administrator, Ms. Wong Hwee Ling (hlwong [AT]


Dear FOE Students

Kindly do your subject registration on-line. You may swap your tutorial sections on-line if the capacity is available.

If you have any issues which disable you to register your subject online; such as to register the only one subject left for you, retaking a subject, registering for extra credit hour subject, or other subject registration issues, kindly use the attached form.

This form is used to cater for subject registration since students will not be able to come to campus and we are currently under MCO due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Students are required to email this form to before the deadline as stated below.

Please state in the subject of your email โ€“ Request for Manual Subject Registration โ€“ (Your programme โ€“ Undergraduate/ Diploma/ Foundation)

Students are required to check the status of the subject (added / dropped/ withdrawn) in CaMSys within 3 working days from the email date.

Deadline for the form to reach Faculty:

  • Add & Drop: 18 MAR 2020 to 24 APR 2020
  • Withdrawal: 27 APR 2020 to 8 MAY 2020

Please be reminded that any application submitted after the deadline will NOT be processed.

Thank you.