The following are some of the past, current, and upcoming activities of the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University. Should there be anything that you feel ought to be included in this chronicle, please feel free to send the information to the administrator, Ms. Wong Hwee Ling (hlwong [AT]

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition is the largest engineering design competition in Malaysia, open to all final year undergraduate engineering, computer science, and science/mathematics students. The competition is co-organized by technology companies, including Google, Intel, Keysight, MathWorks, Microsoft, SAS, SilTerra, CEDEC, and SOLIDWORKS, supported by Ministry of Education, and professional bodies including IEM and IET. The competition serves to promote innovative culture in engineering design, tackle real-world problems with practical engineering solutions, and churn out brightest talents for product development, further research, and commercialization.

Participants are provided start-of-the-art industry platforms to develop their projects. They are trained on the industry tools/platforms and mentored by the industry leaders. The technology platforms provided encompass various domains from IC design, electronic design, mechanical design, mobile/web/cloud apps, to big data analytics. Participants can also work on Design Challenges supplied by various industries in solving real-life problems in various areas from social, commercial, to industrial problems. The competition has become a platform to groom and acquire engineering talents; to promote adoption of industry platforms in the universities; and to align engineering solutions to real-world problems.

Among the benefits participating students will get:

  • Supplied state-of-the-art industry hardware and software tools
  • Acquire skills on technology platform, technical competency, industry domain knowledge, & design innovation.
  • Receive project mentorship from industry experts
  • Tackle real-world problems by taking up Design Challenge
  • Priority access to high-value jobs by participating companies
  • Win multiple attractive prizes

Details of the competition can be found from the competition secretariat website:

The next cycle of student teams' enrollment has started, closing deadline is on 8 October 2018.

Industrial Talk on GPON and DWDM technology

You are cordially invited to the talk below:

Title : Gigabit passive optical network(GPON) and Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) Technologies

Date: 7th September 2018 (Friday)

Time: 10 -11 am

Venue: CNMX1003

Speaker: Mr Sri Krishnah Kanniah, Head of Access Transport, MAXIS

#Road2Grad (RoG) session for final year students Tri-1 2018/2019.

Objective : Career education, guidance and information.
Date : 14 September 2018 (Friday)
Time : 3pm-4pm

Target audience : Final year students

Venue : NMES Lab

20 mins - STAD Director session, Dr. Abdullah Sallehhuddin bin Abdullah Salim
20 mins - Institute of Postgraduate Studies session
20 mins - National & Marketing session


Dear student,

Under-probation students in FOE are required to attend the LEP designed to help you improve your academic excellence and hopefully get out of your "under-probation" status.
This compulsory short program will provide you with valuable information on how to study better and more efficiently use of your time, so that by the end of the session you will feel motivated and inspired to take up study challenges.

The LEP for this trimester will be a one to one session with academic advisors. Please check the name of the Academic Advisors assigned to you in CAMSYS. List of under-probation students and the advisors are also attached with this announcement.

You are REQUIRED to make appointment and meet your Academic Advisor between weeks 4 and 9 (between 24 July 2018 and 31 August 2018).

Please note that attendance is COMPULSORY to all students on probation status. Unable to attend the program, students will be at risk of TERMINATION.

Let's Excel Program Committee

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