The following are some of the past, current, and upcoming activities of the Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University. Should there be anything that you feel ought to be included in this chronicle, please feel free to send the information to the administrator, Ms. Wong Hwee Ling (hlwong [AT]

Be Young! Beyond! Startup Bootcamp

The Be Young! Beyond! Startup Bootcamp would be held at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taipei, Taiwan, on July 15th to 22th, 2018. On-line application is now open! Welcome the colleges or universities students (Bachelor, Master, PhD, 2018 Graduates) who are interested in the innovative entrepreneurship (area not limited) to apply. Those who are accepted in the initial trial review will be waived the participation fee. Besides, the foreign student will be subsided the airfare (up to NT$10,000) and 7-nights accommodations. For more details, please find the attached bootcamp regulations.

Origami Workshop : The Origami Revolution

Shout out to everyone! The Malaysia Origami Academy is bringing their exciting workshop to MMU in conjuction with MMU Career Fair 2018!

Wondering how Origami has become an increasingly important art in all fields of studies from engineering to art, medical to fashion, biotech to architecture and more? Join us on 3rd Jan 2018 in this informative workshop for some hands on experience. Conducted by none other than Mr.Kenneth Ch'ng, the father of Origami Development in Malaysia! Click into the link below for more info, make sure to sign up!

+SOLAR Academy National Conference 2018

As a brief introduction, Plus Solar Systems Sdn Bhd (+SOLAR) is a leading service provider in the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system integration industry. Our belief is anchored on the Energy Trilogy of Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage – which underscores our passion towards providing clean and sustainable energy solutions. Apart from being actively involved in everyday business operations, +SOLAR also wishes to contribute to social education in the area of renewable energy.

+SOLAR Academy was established following the realization that there exists an opportunity to bridge the gap between local education syllabus and the industrial demands of the clean energy sector. To address this, our Corporate Social Responsibility programme allows +SOLAR engineers to impart industrial experience to university students through conferences, talks and site visits.

In line with this, we are introducing our first +SOLAR National Conference 2018. This conference aims to create awareness on issues within the energy industry and the vital role of renewable energy in the growth of our economy. We are delighted to invite your esteemed university to be part of our conference, please find the attached official invitation letter and the event flyer for your perusal.

We are targeting both the Engineering and Business School's students and lecturers for this conference. As we have limited seats in the conference, we have prepared a online registration form for the students to help us allocated the seat to interested participants. We appreciate if you can share this registration link to your students:

+SOLAR is in full support of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, and we believe this conference is one of the many steps in our journey towards supporting this global effort. At the same time, we hope to inspire youths to be a part of the sustainable energy movement.

We look forward to seeing you.

Your sincerely,

Plus Solar Systems Sdn Bhd (+SOLAR)

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