A project organized by FOE as part of the

University-wide Entrepreneurship Initiative



To develop studentsí thinking and reasoning abilities by involving them with the ideation process which concentrates on the process of generating, developing and communicating innovative ideas that will be proposed as a practical and commercial creative problem solution through the entrepreneurship framework at the academic programme level.


         Open to MMU Undergraduate and Diploma students who have great ideas or who have developed physical prototypes/services.

         Teams can be of any reasonable size to give a breadth of expertise in technical and business related matters.

         Team members must be represented by not only FOE students but also student/s from the other faculties who may contribute to the idea, talent or skills in the development of the proposed product or service.

         Each team must be supervised by a Mentor who must be a FOE academic staff.


THINK (1st ROUND): Idea proposal

       Registration from now until 21st August 2017. Click HERE to REGISTER

       Submission of idea proposal by 1st September 2017

       Presentation of idea proposal date is 6thSeptember 2017

       Best five (5) teams will be selected and proceed to Round 2

-        All participants will be given certificates of participation

-        Best 5 teams will receive prizes worth RM100 each


QR Code for Registration Link


         The idea proposal will be evaluated by a group of expert panellists. The standard evaluation criteria are:


-        Define; what is the problem that is intended to be tackled and from which area of interest does the problem originate from (e.g. telecommunication, automotive, foods and beverages etc).

-        Generate as many possible ideas/solutions to the defined problem and decide which is the most effective idea/solution.

         Once the finalists are announced, they can start developing their prototypes


PITCH & WIN (2nd ROUND): Business Plan & Prototyping


         Finalist: The five (5) finalists must prepare their team's final Business Plan following the Business Canvas Model format

-        Please refer to: https://canvanizer.com/ for further information.


-        Each team will be allocated up to a maximum of RM 200 to cover cost incurred during the preparation of the Business Plan, subject to the approval of the FOE Management.


-        The finalists will present their final costing and justify their Business Plan to a panel of judges.

-        Date of pitching is 20th September 2017

-        Prizes worth: First: RM 500; Second: RM 300; Third: 200 and the other 2 teams will receive RM 150 each to cover the initial costs of their development.

-        All participants will be given certificates of participation

-        The first two winners will proceed to the 3rd Round

         Product development:

-        The winners will develop the proposed prototype of product/service.

-        A maximum of RM 1,500 will be allocated to fund the expenditures in developing the prototype of the product/service.

         Progress monitoring:

-        The teams will present their progress on the prototype of product/service development on the following dates:

-        16th October 2017 and 3rd November 2017

         Prototype of product/service submission:

-        10th November 2017


Showcase of prototype (3rd ROUND)


       The teams will showcase their prototype of products/services

-        Date : 10th November 2017 (Selection of FOE SEED Winner)

       Mentor's roles:

-        Guide the team

-        Be present in every presentation

-        Submit progress monitoring report on 16th Oct 2017 and 3rd Nov 2017 to Associate Prof Dr Tan Ching Seong

-        The mentor must prepare the account statement at the end of the project (Account template can be referred to FOE Office) and submit to Senior Lecturer Dr Zubaida Yusoff



Students who are passionate in innovating and have the basic prototype of their products/services, either developed as part of Capstone Projects or FYP, may have a higher chance of becoming winners