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Notice to FOE Students

From: Lab Engineer
Re: Lab Schedule, Lab Group and
Lab Sheets

Lab Schedule & Grouping
1. Lab will start on week 3.
2. Please check your group, time, date and lab venue accordingly for your experiment AND lab schedule must be strictly followed.


If you cannot find your name in the lab group, please register for your subjects as soon as possible. Then, please register to the lab staff where your experiment/s will be conducted. e.g : for experiments PE1 & PE2, please go directly to Electronics Lab 2.

If you have any problem with your lab schedule and lab group, please see:

1. Beta - Mr Iswadi at the Machine & Drive Lab (AR2002)
2. Gamma - Ms Sharifah Salakiah at the MMCL (AR2007)
3. Delta - Mr Khairulazman at Project Lab 1 (AR1001)
4. Epsilon - Mr Mohd Fazly at MMDL (AR3007)


Lab Info

How to do lab replacement:

1.Download the lab replacement /swapping form.
2.Fill up the replacement form.
3.Lab staff will provide you a new date for the replacement. Lab staff will approve only for those who had valid reason with supporting evidence (MC, clashing with class, emergency cases etc)

New replacement procedure (Please read)



Please note that reasons such as overslept, misread timetables, mid terms etc are not acceptable and will not be entertained.

Lab replacement is only allowed for valid medical and emergency reasons (Evidence is to be shown to support the reason given). Students are to request replacement within 3 working days after the missed lab session day.

Request for replacement due to clashes in timetables should be made at the least 3 working days before the assigned lab date.

Kindly please read Laboratory Rules and Regulations


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