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FOE Laboratories

FOE Laboratories : Floor map

Opening Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays:
8:30am - 5:30pm

8:30am - 5:30pm

Lunch Time :
Mondays - Thursdays:
1:00am -2:00pm

12:45am - 2:30pm

General Rules of Labs

1. All students must observe the MMU Dress Code while in the laboratory.
2. Sandals or open-toed shoes are NOT allowed.
3. Foods, drinks and smoking are NOT allowed.
4. A ll bags must be left at the indicated place.
5. The lab timetable must be strictly followed.
6. Prior permission from the Lab Supervisor must be obtained if any change is to be made.
7. Be PUNCTUAL for your laboratory session.
8. Experiments must be completed within the given time.
9. Respect the laboratory and its other users.
10. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
11. Workspace must be kept clean and tidy at all time.
12. Points might be taken off students/groups who fail to follow this.
13. Handle all apparatus with care.
14. All students are liable for any damage to equipment due to their own negligence.
15. All equipment, apparatus and stools must be RETURNED to their original place after use.
16. Students are strictly PROHIBITED from taking out any items from the laboratory without permission from the Lab Supervisor.
17. Students are NOT allowed to work alone in the laboratory.
18. Please consult the Lab Supervisor if you are not sure how to operate the laboratory equipment.
19. Report immediately to the Lab Supervisor if any injury occurred.
20. Report immediately to the Lab Supervisor any damages to equipment, hazards, and potential hazards.
21. Please refer to the Lab Supervisor should there be any concerns regarding the laboratory.
22. Please check the laboratory notice board regularly for any updates and announcements.

Booting-up computers from floppy disks is strictly PROHIBITED.
Students should never interfere the original computer configuration or setup:
BIOS setup, Windows Operating System setup, Files and Directory created, etc.
Students are NOT allowed to install Software or Hardware inside computers in the laboratory.
Unauthorized copying of software, or using illegally copied software is strictly FORBIDDEN.
Respect the privacy of others by refraining from accessing their files or electronic mails.
Students must promptly relinquish from their work for scheduled classes or upon requested by Laboratory Supervisor.
Computer games are strictly FORBIDDEN in the laboratory.
DO NOT show, view, copy, download or scan pornographic materials in any form.


University computing resources and accounts are to be used only for the purpose of University's educational, research and administrative activities unless otherwise authorized. All access to Faculty and Departmental computer systems must be approved by the Deans, Directors or authorized representative.

Users may not use computing resources for any commercial purpose or any non-university related activities without prior written authorization from the respective person. The continued use of an account after the student enrollment or faculty/staff/associate employment end is considered non-university related activity.

The accounts given by the university must not be used by others without permission from either the computing services(CITS) or the faculty or the department which granted the account.  Users are individually responsible for safeguarding their accounts, including proper password protection and appropriate use of Internet resources.  The account password are encouraged to be changed at least once per semester, particularly if someone may have seen the password being entered.  Users will be accountable for any actions taken by anyone using their account.

University's programs and files are confidential, unless they have been explicitly (either written approval or security systems) made available to the others.  Users also should refrain from accessing or copying other user's programs, files, data or documents unless with permission from the owner to do so.  CITS reserves the right to access users files when necessary for the maintenance of computing systems, or during investigations of serious matters.

University's computing resource should not be used to intimidate or create an atmosphere of harrasment based upon gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, or sexual orientation.  Fraudulent, threatening, or obscene email or graphical displays used to harass or intimidate are prohibited.  Chain letters, mass mailings, and repeated sending of email after being requested to stop are also prohibited.

Users must comply with the provisions of current Malaysia law relating to pornography and pornographic materials in any form.  Accessing local or international sites to obtain obscene and/or pornographic files, pictures, movies, captions or others are considered intentional and are subject to disciplinary actions by the University and other enforcement agencies.

No one should run or install on any computer system or network, or giving to another user, a program intended to damage or to place excessive load on a computer system or network.  This includes but is not limited to computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms or  password cracking programs.

No one should deliberately attempt to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes, to damage any computing systems, obtain extra computing resources, take resources from another user, gain access to computing systems, or use computing systems for which proper authorization has not been given

Users are prohibited from copying software illegally and possessing illegal copies of software, whether for course, job related or private use.  Users are also not allowed to install, alter or delete any software program from the University's computer unless with auhorization from the Deans, Directors or authorize representative.  Any violations of this policy or of Copyright law are the personal responsibility of the user.

Computing resources must be shared among users in an equitable manner.  The user may not participate in any behavior that deliberately wasting computing resources.  The activities include but not limited to playing games for recreation or idle computer "chatting" when another user needs the resource for more important activities, exceeding established disk space, time or other allocations, intentionally running programs that attempt to execute endless loops, printing large jobs during periods of heavy computer use, or printing multiple copies of a document.

Users may not attempt to tamper with University's computers, computer systems, networks, facilities, equipment, software, files, documentation, accounts, or information associated with any of them.  Users should report any damages of the computer resources either to the CITS or Directors or Deans.

Any activities that intentionally obscuring or forging of the date, time, physical source, logical source or other header information of a message or transaction are prohibited.  This include forging email and masking identification information for amusement, personal gain or any reasons.

University computing resources and accounts may not be used in connection with activities prohibited by any applicable Universiti Telekom policy or any applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, or orders of any public authority having jurisdiction including, without limitation, those concerning: trademark, commerce, computer usage, conspiracy, telecommunications, defamation, forgery, obscenity and privacy.

List of Lab and lab supervisor:

Name of Laboratory

Location Lab.


Lab. Staff



Prof Fabian Kung Wai Lee


Nanotechnology Lab1


Dr. Sin Yew Keong

........../ Khairulazman*

Nanotechnology Lab2


Ir Dr Lee Lini

Saiful Azrin / Hamdi*

Project Lab


Dr C.Senthilpari

KhairulAzman / Qayum*

IR4.0 Engineering Lab


Mr. Cham Chin Leei


Engineering Foundation Lab


Mr.Ahmad Farimin

Qayum / KhairulAzman

Intel Multi-core Lab


Dr. Foo Yee Loo

Rashidi / KhairulAzman*

Multimedia Computing Lab


Ms Noorlindawaty

Sharifah / Miskiah*

Microprocessor Lab


Mr.Mohd Azwan Khairul

Miskiah / Firdaus*

Control and Automation Lab


Assoc Prof Dr Tan Ai Hui

Zuraidah / Miskiah*

Energy Systems Lab


Mohamad Hazimin

Firdaus / Iswadi*

Machine & Drive Lab


Ir Assoc Prof Dr Gobbi

Iswadi / Firdaus*

Panasonic Lab


Nurul Nadia

Sharifah / Miskiah*

Computer Networks Lab


Ir Siva Priya

Sharifah / Miskiah*

Multimedia Design Lab


Mr Ahmad Farimin

Fazly / Harpiszziy*

Intel Advanced Architecture Lab


Dr. Tan Wooi Haw

Harpiszziy / Fazly*

Embedded System & DSP Lab


Ms Wong Hwee Ling

Harpiszziy / Fazly*

PCB Workshop


Ir Dr WL Pang

Hasrul / Khairul Fahmy*

Electronics Lab 1


Mr Nee chen Hon

Khairul Fahmy / Hamdi

Electronics Lab 2


Dr Zubaida

Khairul Fahmy / Hamdi

Optical Lab 2


Ms Low Pei Ling

Hamdi / Hasrul*

Micro Fabrication Lab


Assoc Prof Dr Yap

Hamdi / Hasrul*

Telecommunications Lab



Norizan / Sharifah*

Intel Microelectronics Lab


Mr Lee Chu Liang

Sharifah / Rashidi*

Applied EM Lab


JJ Tiang

Norizan / Rashidi*

Optical Lab 1


Dr KY Choo

Rashidi / Norizan*







KY Chan / SK Wong*

KY Chan / SK Wong*



Gobbi / Ali*

EE Ngu / Ali*



Mak / Sheela*

Mak / Sheela*

Robocon Project Lab


YC Lo / XN Guo*

YC Lo / KY Choo*

Digital Home


YC Chang

YC Chang




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